História spoločnosti Jelinek Cork Group

History of Jelinek Cork Group

The company consists of a group of private companies located in Canada, the USA, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company trades under the joint name Jelinek Cork Group and owns production, warehouses, distribution centers and specialized retail stores.

The history of the founding company dates back to 1855, when it was founded in Brno by Mr. Jindřich Jelink the elder. The company established itself mainly with cork stoppers, which it supplied to leading European and world breweries, distilleries and wineries. For the next almost 100 years, the Jelinek Cork company offered its services and traded in Central and Eastern Europe with the entire assortment of cork products, and at the same time built a close and permanent business relationship with the cork-producing countries around the Mediterranean Sea. In 1948, after the advent of the communist regime, the family business was nationalized. The Jelink family therefore emigrated to Canada, where they tried to break through and succeed again under their original name. With the strong support of their Spanish and Portuguese partners, they founded Jelínek Cork Limited in Canada in 1950 and Jelinek Cork Corporation in the USA in 1951. Following the fall of communism in 1989, Jelinek Group decided to return to the place where the company was founded. The result was the re-establishment of the private company Korek Jelínek spol. s ro and a little later the establishment of the Slovak company Korok Jelínek spol. s ro with the aim of once again taking a leading position in this industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Jelinek Cork Group has invested heavily in a number of cork production plants in Portugal and Spain and continues to do so. This has resulted in partnerships with several modern cork manufacturing plants. These factories are engaged in the production of materials to satisfy the worldwide requirements of subsidiary companies of Jelinek Cork Group. This strategy makes it possible to control the production process from the plantation of cork oaks through the various stages of processing to the delivery of the final products to the customer.

Jelinek Cork Group is the main supplier of cork plugs in particular. However, over the course of several years, the company's offer expanded to include new products and it became interested in new markets. These are mainly products for the automotive industry (production of machine parts, gaskets and carburetor floats), production of special parts (musical, sports and footwear components), industrial products and building materials (flooring and cladding materials, thermal and acoustic insulation materials). some of the most important industries that Jelinek Cork Group supplies with its cork products. Our company also produces a wide range of home accessories and decorative items. He constantly strives to satisfy the demands of customers and the market, thus creating new styles, thus keeping up with the ever-changing trends. Recently, the company increasingly uses modern sales methods. Through the Internet, it penetrated markets that would not be easily accessible in any other way, and thanks to this, it supplies cork practically all over the world.

With this unique combination of experience and control of a continuous supply of raw cork material and production capabilities, Jelinek Cork Group is considered one of the world's leading suppliers dedicated exclusively to cork products whose production, thanks to their environmental friendliness, contributes to the annual reduction of thousands tons of CO2 in the atmosphere, thereby reducing the risk of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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